Random SAHM Thoughts

I’m new here and still working out the site, but I’m excited to start sharing.

Thank you for joining me!

I’m an introverted stay at home mom seeking to send her random rants and raves out into the universe because I’m occasionally bored, periodically lonely, and think I’m rather clever so the world is definitely missing out.

Reflecting on a Foundational Lesson from my Dad

Aren’t memories funny? Sometimes, vivid memories get preserved into little snapshots of time, and serve as a reference point to compare new situations or lessons to which only strengthen that foundational memory. Context of why that moment happened and what followed the moment may be lost. Significance of the moment may be small and quiteContinue reading “Reflecting on a Foundational Lesson from my Dad”

My Toddler TV

I admit to letting my toddler watch TV. To the parents (like my sister) that manage to shield their little ones, I am awestruck and have a deep respect for them. I don’t know how they pull it off. In online college, I have to be able to devote real brain power to my studiesContinue reading “My Toddler TV”

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So copyright stuff is already implied, but until I work out how to truly format this site and make it my own, I’m adding here: don’t copy me. Photos will be from my personal collection… and I may even try my hand at graphic design with Paint. I’m a big supporter of independent artists (been on Deviant Art over a decade, too) so anything I post that isn’t my own will either be from a free source or cited with a link to the original artist/poster. If I ever post something you’d like to share, be sure to cite it with a link. Thanks!

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